Retailers are getting more traffic and sales from social media. What’s their secret? The Social to Sale training course. 

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Your Instructor: Crystal Vilkaitis
Crystal is an international speaker and trainer, a pioneer in the social media industry with over 10 years experience and has 100+ online features on sites like USA Today, Fast Company, Independent Retailer, Entrepreneur Magazine. She has worked with independent store owners for over 8 years helping them achieve results like:

- Selling out of items in days from social media
- Highest sales in 13-year history
- Busiest event in 12-year history
- Selling out of event tickets in two days
Hear From Other Social to Sale Student's:
Michelle Nelson, Owner, The Pet Authority, Albert Leah, MN
"In two months of implementing what I’ve learned, sales are up 15% and 31% over last year, my average transaction has increased 11% and our average customer count per day has increased by 8%. I’ve never sold out of a product so fast after putting it on Facebook! Oh, and I also cut my radio advertising by $1,000. Thanks for helping me take my business to an entirely new level with social media."
Jean Haller, Owner, Journey's of Life, Pittsburgh PA
"One of the best things I've done for my business. From Social to Sale, we've formed a social media team which I do not run! And, we're selling out of event tickets in two days and our social media presence has quadrupled in 6 months." 
Frank Causarano, Co-Owner, Anna's Flowers, Kingsville, Ontario Canada
"Social to Sale opened our minds to the importance that Social media has on a modern-day business. It guided us to which media platforms to effectively target existing customers and how to attract new ones. All of which at more cost-effective methods than traditional marketing channels. I recommend Social to Sale to any progressive business owner."
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